Videomarketing brings your company to life!

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Do you know why companies are so eager to create video content for their webpages, e-mailings, social media, etc.?

We are all addicted to video content. According to eMarketer we spend 5 and a half hours watching videos per day. YouTube is the second most visited site in the world after Google, and is also the second most popular search engine.

What about business videos? Can they really help boost your business?

Of course! With videos about your company, products, services, etc. you captivate your audience and you can stimulate your sales rate.

Video also increases your conversion rates on digital communication channels:

  • 80% more clicks on landing pages

  • 90% of custostumers say that it helps them in their buying decisions

  • +19% open rates in e-mail marketing But don't forget to mention the word 'video' in the subject of your e-mail. Video hasn't only transformed the businesses market and consumers shop experience; it also has revolutionized how salespeople connect and convert prospects and how service teams support customers. . But before you start making a video, your brand needs a video marketing strategy. As Marketing and Communication Expert I will guide you in your budgets, your timlines, the production process, etc. It is really important to define your target audience and to figure out what story your company wants to tell. I will not go into the details about how to make a video, but we are all aware that the image quality, the colors, frame, capturing the good images at the good moments, etc. are very important. That is why I collaborate with Michael Dehaspe. He is an experienced photographer and cinematographer with a demonstrated history of working in the photography industry for different sectors. His photographs and short films contributed immensely to the success of different communication campaigns.​ Michael is committed to being the storyteller who bridges art, culture, gastronomy, and society between all continents of the world. He understands and see the importance of every detail in an image or video. As a team we join our strengts, experiences and our knowledge to make the best and most effective video for your company.

With Michael we provide for example corporate and report videos to help you boost your communication and raise your brand awareness.

Sila Azzouz Marketing & Communication Expert

Contact us if you want to know how video can boost your business.
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