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Marketing is one of the most important things a business must do. It does not only build brand awareness but it can also increase your sales and perform your ROI. But not every Marketeer applies the right Marketing Strategy!

Marketing is like food for your company! If you don't feed it, than your company will soon or late die. But don't feed it with 'fast Marketing' (fast food). Because 'fast Marketing' helps your company in short term, but it doesn't give you a long-term security for your Business. So don't give fast Marketing to your company! Give it good Marketing! That is what your businesses need to create and manage every day and every proces in your company in the long term. This way you maintain a healthy company with a longer life and you build a healthy relationship with your consumers, stakeholders, suppliers, etc.

IMPORTANT POINT: It's not because you have the finest product line or the tastiest menu items in the world that you will be able to sell them easely! Mcdonald has not the best hamburgers in the world! Starbucks has not the best coffee in the world! But those companies are successful because of there Marketing Strategy!

And even when you have a good marketing Strategy, don't forget the basic rules! You must develop your strategy when you are making new steps with your company.

Big companies lose a lot of money because they let their emotions, mainly fear and greed, drive their actions. They forget the basics of the marketing and make errors that cost millions to the company. Even when you are a big, international company, you must remember the basics rules of the market and you must know your market and target audience.

REMEMBER! To avoid losing money in the markets, don’t forget the basics of the Marketing. But don't limit you your marketing knowledge to what you read in the Marketing books! Follow every month the trends, the changes in your company, etc.

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